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Granite countertops have an natural beauty that transcends fads. Since Granite slabs come straight from the earth, every slab reveals a unique palette of color, streaks, and specks. Most stone countertops will Lasting as long as your house, most Granite countertops will only need routine care to ward off stains and scratches.


Granite Countertop Options - The following options are available for Granite Countertops:

  • Finish - Polish or Honed
  • Edge Treatment
  • Splash - Set On or Tiled Backsplash
  • Sink Type - Top Mount or Under Mount

Stain Resistance - It is recomended that Granite be sealed once a year with a quality natural stone sealer to protect your countertop against the possibility of stains. Even though it is sealed, Granite can still stain and it is important to clean spills as soon as possible. It is important to only use soap and water or approved cleaning products on your Granite countertop as chemical cleaners will strip off the sealer and leave the surface unprotected. Granite is most vulnerable to foods and products rich in oils and acids

such as: soda, tomato sauces, red wine, liquid soap, orange juice, lemons and pineapple


Heat Resistance - Although Granite is not heat proof it is very heat resistant.  It is not recommended to set anything very hot directly on Granite because the extreme temperature change have, in rare instances, damaged the countertop.  Although it is recommended to use a hot pad or trivet, most cookware will not get hot enough to damage natural stone. 


Cutting and Abrasion Resistance - Though Granite is very scratch resistant, a cutting board is recommended to avoid scratching the sealant. Granite is harder than your knife blades and will dull them after the first use if you use the countertop as a cutting surface. It is recomended to always cut on a cutting board. 


Impact Resistance - Granite is extremely durable and can withstand many impacts but is susceptible to damage from a hard impact, especially along its edges.


Food Safe -  Granite in naturally porous and has small surface crevices so it's harder to keep them free of mildew and bacteria. Proper sealing and cleaning after every use can protect against these conditions. Even so, granite surfaces do not currently meet FDA and NSF standards for food preparation areas.






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